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June 29, 2009


Innocent victim

Hey --

Just to clarify -- it was the Queen of Denmark, at a Museum opening, who made a nasty comment about not having time for junior people when my boss asked her to have a picture taken with his interns.

Mrs. Graham met me in my boss's living room, at a small reception after a memorial service. When he introduced me I politely said, "it's a pleasure to meet you." She looked me up, looked me down, replied, "I'm sure it is" and then turned her back and ignored me. Later at the same event Stewart Alsop would prove to be equally unpleasant.

Life in DC was not always so brutal. My boss was a great guy, and other gracious and terrific people included Barbara Bush, Violetta Chamorro (President of Nicaragua), Nick and Kitty Brady (Sec. of the Treasury), John Walker (Bishop of Washington), Hillary Clinton, John Lewis (a living saint), Andy Card and many members of the House.

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