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May 28, 2009


Allen C. Chichester

Well said Peter. Without failure, we will never know if we are tyring hard enough. The best failure advice I ever got was from my father. I was 9 and he was pulling me around the Tennesse River trying to teach me to water ski behind a 15ft aluminum runabout with a 35 horse Johnson outboard motor. It was my second summer spending more time with water up my nose than under my skis, and my falls were a source of great hilarity for my brothers and sisters. He pulled up beside me with the boat as I gasped for air after falling yet again, and I told him I quit. He said, "Son, you are doing great. As long as you keep trying, I'll keep driving this boat. The only failure that counts is when you stop trying." Naturally, I thought he was a fool at the time, but before the end of that summer I was using a slalom ski and I only fell when I pushed myself to the limit of my ability. I never forgot that lesson.

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