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June 29, 2008



Please let me introduce you to a fabulous new concept in business advertising on the internet. It’s PlanetBuzz.com.

Please go to the site to find out if your complimentary ad already appears or you can just hit GO to get into the site. If you don’t see your ad, please create a “Sign On” to register and generate at least a quick ad. There are numerous categories in the law/legal field and in your area to choose from. You can always go back in at any time and update it. Remember to use promo code “mm1051” under place new ad.

Also, the video on the site is very helpful in explaining the process. The site is scheduled to go live to the public very soon. Please pass this “opportunity” along to anyone else who you think would like to take advantage of a fabulous opportunity.

Account Deleted

Sales ideas can make or break your deal. Without any good skills and training it is a mere waste to get into sales and fail miserably for no fault of yours as your organization did not train you as to how to deal with tricky situations when it comes with compromising with the proposed deal with the client.

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