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March 28, 2008



lets see... what about (International) HOUSE of PANCAKES, SHOE PAVILION, POTTERY BARN, DRESS BARN, COMEDY CENTRAL, LEGO LAND, DISNEY WORLD and DISNEY LAND, SEA WORLD... maybe you don't remember "Jewelry Central" or "Diamond World" because they aren't popular (yet?), and i think it's not fair to insinuate that whatever purchased in stores with names as such are "cheap", like the earrings in Seth's article. Yes it's a stereo type (Shoe Pavilion sells inexpensive shoes, but they're still by popular if not high-end brands.


Wal-Mart. 'Nuff said.

Tim Dempsey

I've been too shy to admit it, but I totally agree. the porn guys really do understand how to get pure identity between who they are, or what their movies are about, and their names. Great catch.

Oh and I have to admit I came up with a great and forgettable tagline myself: "connect everything, achieve anything." Now that's inspiration. Hah! Great post.

Reverend Ted

I'm not sure whether porn proves Godin's point, or disproves it. Great examples of otherwise dull names are often very successful. Websites like "boobsville" and bangbrothers, and magazines like Leg Show have experienced long term success. Methinks that the adult entertainment industry may just be Godin's counterpoint.

Suryana I. Suganda

Your article about "Good branding, bad branding and porn" is really interesting. I have made a brand for my Patent/IP Law services namely "INVENTIS" and my tagline "From Business Strategy, To Legal Protection", what do you think, is it a bad branding, good branding or what, according to your opinion?


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