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January 23, 2008


Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Oh gosh, Peter!!! The Borg?!?!?
Arg. . . . .my creative little mind just ran yelping to hide beneath the bed. Now I must reassess my whole LinkedIn relationship. . .am I tapping into something that fosters everyone thinking ALIKE????

(Nice to see you in the blogosphere!)



I lose documents all the time, but I also rearrange directories all the time -- making footer paths woefully unreliable. I find that desktop search tools (any of them... google, microsoft, x1) do wonders for finding lost documents. Just type a few key words from a unique phrase in the document and I have yet to not have the one I seek show up in the search results.

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Stop-action animation is indeed overlooked by not only the Academy, but the public, as well. Too many times has animation in general been snubbed and been dismissed as child's play, impervious to profundity and sophistication.

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